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A Better You: Have to Live Healthy

Although health and wellness might seem intuitive, it was one of the key things that many people, including type-A personalities, referenced. So many people are so riveted by professional success that they forget to take care of themselves—they fail to exercise and eat healthy, abstain from overindulgence, or manage stress levels.

On multiple cases people said every day was a max-stress event, eventually leading to a near breakdown. There are a few lucky ones, who upon going through a crisis take a leave of absence, which gave them the space to realize they were in a rat race that was killing them through poor health habits. For many, it takes a heart attack or tough crisis to drive the point home—often too late.

Don’t get stuck in an unhealthy daily grind. Here’s a list how to work “me time” into your busy schedule.

1) Set specific time slots when you don’t work

2) Start your day off with meditation

3) Work out

4) Get enough SLEEP

5) Keep a journal

6) Talk to friends and family

7) Put yourself on your schedule

8) Make time for play

So today, take action and get your good health back!!!!!!

Have a Great Day and Stay Focus My Friends

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