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A New Year, A Better You

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN !!!! End of the year.

Once again, we have come to that time were we look back on this year and analyze our ups, downs, our progress, our failures, our additions and our loses. And we make a plan and/or visualize on how we want the next year to be. But sometimes that decision can be tough, especially if we don't have a clue where to begin or know the steps to get to where we really want to go.

I too was in the same boat a couple of years ago, until I met some great teachers. They showed me steps and gave countless advice on getting to the root of what I really want out of live. The first gold nugget they gave me was, "It's your life and your life only, do what makes you happy".

So that is what I did, I wrote out all the things that makes me happy from traveling, things to do, relationships, spirituality, finances, and career.  So from the great teachers, these three questions were asked.  

1) What is your vision for your Life?

2) What is your vision for your Family?

3) What is your vision for your Career?

And with these three questions as a guideline to follow, I was able to put things in order and whatever didn't fit in my vision, I left it alone. For example, my vision for life is to travel. So if I was out and saw a great deal on an outfit, I decline the outfit because the money use for the outfit could be used on my trip. What this also did for me, was that it made me focus and discipline with my money. So I only spent money on my vision and not on miscellaneous things.

So for 2017 I will be giving you the steps and advice I was given, so you too can live the type of lifestyle you want to live. I will be posting weekly, the step by step instructions. But first, write out your list, from the three questions up top. Make sure you write everything you can think of down.

And when you do that, come back to this site in January and start your journey on becoming a better you.

Until then, have a bless day, week, and Stay Focus my Friends.

Cory Marquis