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A Better You: Your Life's Plan

In today’s world it's far more complex, speedy, and requires individuals to think both about their overall life goals and plans, and to be willing to continuously adjust them throughout their lives.

So you have to have a life plan to live the lifestyle you want to live. The most fulfilled people talk about a life vision or life goals that frame everything they do, not just professionally, but at home and in other aspects of their lives. Many of the successful but unfulfilled talk about chasing money or titles or what others expect of them.

Your life plan considers all of the different areas in your life that are important to you. To maintain a healthy balance, you should determine your priorities and then focus on those that are most important to you. This plan is designed to help you establish and achieve your life goals.  
First: Establish Your Priorities

List the areas in your life that are very important to you. These areas may include your family, career, relationships, health, financial security, community service, spiritual, and others.  Once these areas are identified, prioritizes from most important to least important.  
Second: Establish Your Goals
For each of your priorities identified above, think about where you want to be in that area of your life in the next two years, the next five years, and at the end of your life.

Third: Develop Your Action Plan
The writing of a detailed plan is essential to your success. It is the process you set in place to get you where you want to be and help you accomplish your goals. It must be detailed with complete action steps and deadlines. Without specific steps and dates, your chances of implementing your strategic life plan are reduced significantly. 

Actually, without these - all you have is a wish list - not a plan. 
One of my mentors suggested this model to me. Consider using the SMART Model:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and within a specific Timeframe. You will need to identify detailed steps for each one of the “Goals” you wrote  above.
You will only start your plan here, but it must end up as complete as possible. What gets planned – gets done!  It needs to become a part of the substance of your daily schedule, and thus, your life (so you can make your life happen.)
Keep in mind that although writing the plan is critically important, no part of it is written in stone - not your purpose, or any of the goals or steps. Just as in a strategic plan in business or organizations, things will change. So it is also in your personal strategic plan: life intervenes from time to time, requiring changes in timing, steps, and resources. Sometimes you might just simply change your mind about a particular goal, but to get anywhere, you must start somewhere.


Have a great week and Stay Focus my Friends