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By: Juanita Bellavance 



Once I was asked which niche of my many interests was my favorite. I found it impossible to choose at that moment. To me it was like asking "what is your favorite color?" Aren't they ALL beautiful? Or "which of your children is your favorite?" 

Would I choose my daughter who is so kind, disciplined and musically talented, teaching Montessori school, which I also have a passion for? Or would I choose my son who is also kind-hearted, with the built-in "hero" feature to his personality, and equally talented with creative genius in product design, the art I also have a passion for? They each have common ground to enjoy.  Do I have to choose one?  I cannot. 

You get the picture. It was almost impossible to choose my favorite niche. It was as if by choosing one, I was canceling out the others. Do you know what I mean? 

Now for the "ingredient" I mentioned. You've heard it many times before... 

You absolutely MUST be CONSISTENT to have ultimate success in any business! (no matter how many interests you passionately master...) 

If you have many interests and have developed each of them passionately as I have, how can you be consistent without giving up something you love as much as any other interest? 

Thankfully, there must have been many others before us with the same dilemma and who have attracted the technology of today! Either that or you and I attracted it without even defining it in our wishes. 

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to be in touch with people from one of your interest areas while being focused on another interest area for a while? You don't want to lose contact with anyone, but time just seems to be limited so you prioritize with whom you will spend time communicating. 

With the technology of today we can stay in touch with people we know from our many diverse interests. We can focus on a new interest while at the same time communicate with people of another interest. 

It's all just a matter of technology. Using an autoresponder service, you can set up communications in advance or at least put all the people of one interest group together so one email can be sent to all at once. 

Once you have your people grouped into a message sequence, you can easily send an email whenever you wish. Some may reply, you can answer them easily and build stronger relationships.  While your messages go out automatically, you can remain happily focused on your current interest.  When you are ready to “play” in the previous niche again, you can easily build from where you left off instead of starting at “square one” again! 

Being consistent in the communications is the key. If you disappear for months and months, (meaning zero communication) people may make up their minds that you don't care that much about knowing them any longer. If the relationship has been built strong enough before you “disappear” for a while, the trust may still be there even if you put off communicating for a while, especially if you let them know ahead of time that will be the case. 

Being consistent can mean communicating every couple of days, months or even once a year during a certain time frame that matches an "anniversary" moment in the relationship, like the time of year you took a class together or worked on a project together for instance. 

In business consistency is crucial so people will trust you. In fact, in all of life, consistency makes a huge difference.    

Be consistent!