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You do not need to cut out entertainment completely in order to live a frugal life.  Below, I have listed some very inexpensive ways to save money and still have fun.

* If you live in a city, just try walking around. In New York, I have found impromptu concerts by street musicians or just sat in the park and people watched. You would be amazed how much fun you can have!

* Instead of eating out or going to bars with friends, host a potluck at home or just have friends over for drinks. It is much cheaper to buy liquor than to buy drinks at the bar.

* For movies, go to matinees or the two-dollar movie (several communities have them). Yes, those movies are second-run, but hey, it is worth financial freedom to me. You can also go to your neighborhood Redbox.

* Cable. When times are tough, the cable needs to get going. It can get so expensive! If you do need it for the reception, get basic and then rent movies, get a Fire stick, or subscribe to Netflix. Buying a great DVD player and renting movies from Redbox is cheaper than cable in the long run. If you rent out rooms in your home like I do, keep the cable -- it is a perk for your tenants that are worth paying for.

* Take your kids to the bookstore and hang out.

* Find free community shows, like Shakespeare in the park, fireworks, or art showings.

* Take the kids on the subway trip/bus trip -- as far as you can and go explore. In New York, take the train to Coney Island.

* In the summer, there is always a local food festival or street fair, usually several. Check the local section of your newspaper or online of the different city’s community event.

* Get your kids involved in a community group, like a theatre. They develop skills, make friends, and have fun.

I hope this has helped and gave you some great creative ideas to have fun without breaking the bank. So, go out and enjoy life!!!!!!!!!